Treasury Writes Off £13Bn To Fraud And Error

Treasury BBC

Treasury BBC

MPs are demanding action after £13.2bn was written off the government balance sheet in 2011-12 due to fraud, financial error and legal claims.  The Public Accounts Committee describes the figure, in a list of public assets and liabilities published by the government, as staggering. 

The Whole of Government Accounts predicted nuclear decommissioning costs alone could rise to £64.3bn.  Ministers said losses from fraud were “too high” despite a recent clampdown.

salary 11 percent inc

Smug: Osborne knows he doesn’t deserve his huge salary

While Osborne of course presides over an 11 percent payrise for MPs.

Lot of negative today NLAT?  Huff Puff Huff Puff.  Well what IS it this time? 

UK Deficit At £185 Billion, Not £90 Billion As George Osborne Says,  Oh I see …..

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