Gove Distances Himself From the PISA Report On Andrew Marr Show

Michael Gove explains his position to Andrew Marr on BBC 1's current affairs programme.

Michael Gove on Andrew Marr BBC1 Current Affairs Program.

Comments Section is interesting.  The Sheeplic believe they have found X SPAD and Gove Bully Boy Dominic Cummings masquerading as ‘HappyDadToo’.

Dom seems to have said that Gove ended Hunt’s career he’s so Chilli Hot.  Erm????  So Hunt was/is in the fast lane for next PM?  The others must have a piss poor relay team then.

Read the PDF record of what the smarmy *** had to say here.  Get a sick bag ready though.  He often cut Marr off mid sentence in his effort to have the last word.  Glad he’s not coming over for the WATCOR Christmas Party then.

PISA Report – UK stagnates while China tops the leagues

NLAT’s link  to Guardian article pointing out that the cost of establishing Free Schools has doubled to £6.6 Mill.  And Gove is standing by everything he’s achieved so far.  Er yes…


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