Nothing Left To Sell In UK Except Debts – How Bizarre

Generic personal finance pics25 November 2013

‘Student loans taken out between 1990 and 1998 and worth £890m have been sold to a private company for £160m, the government has confirmed, in a highly controversial decision.’

‘A company called Erudio Student Loans was named as the successful bidder on Monday, and now owns the remaining 17% of mortgage style student loans taken out by those who began courses between the eight year period.’

Former students ask questions about the paperwork.

Well sonny, allow me to introduce you to a couple of Banksters.  You remember Barclays and the LIBOR Scandal don’t you?  Rothschild and BUMI?

‘Investment bankers from Barclays and Rothschild were appointed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills last month to oversee the sale.

Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury, said during the summer the Government hoped to raise £10billion from the sale of corporate and financial assets such as the student loan book by 2020.’  Yea one off finance that will be pissed down the House of Commons toilet after their Christmas bash.  Remember that student loans contract?  Well UK PLC changed the terms on you unfortunately.  Don’t sign any more with ’em and tell future students to avoid them.  You can educate yourself in the EU for much less.  Look at that Willetts’ mouth.  Quite a few have those turned down mouths as if they were deprived in childhood.  Ah yes, deprived of the love and approval of their family by being sent away at 7.  Hmmm now they can’t wait to take it out on SOMEONE.  Yep Wiki Willetts confirms GovWatch’s suspicions.

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