Applied Behavioural Psychology Experiments Being Run On UK Population Olivier Oullier

French Behaviour Wonk Olivier Oullier

French Behaviour Wonk Olivier Oullier

UK Column 9 December 2013 –

UK population being used as LabRats for various BPE experiments where re-framed thinking is being tested.  This has already led to an incident where a ‘re-framed’ police officer tasered a 15-year-old special needs student in Plymouth recently.  That’s it folks.

Applied Behavioural Psychology applied to our young

Applied Behavioural Psychology applied to your young via ‘youth projects’ in the community.

Re-framing the mind.  Hmmm.  GovWatch would like to take these low empathy individuals and subject them to some reframing via erm.  Someone recently described having his ***** shut in a drawer.  Stoppit GovWatch.  Don’t sink to their level.

UKC says low empathy MPs who are often fraudulent and maybe paedophiles as well, want to make our children think like them.  Cameron and Prince Charles suggest the children spend a short time away from home for a ‘team building’ exercise where they learn more ‘about themselves’.  Ooher scary when you study just who is in charge of all this jolly hockey sticks ‘new age’ psycho mumbo jumbo.  In days gone by parents themselves organized this stuff with families clubbing together on big camping holidays etc.  They didn’t need a GovWonk to do it!  Did you see Serco’s central to these plans and got the contract no doubt.  Serco and Rothschild?

Paul Coleridge - You have not rights

Paul Coleridge – You have no rights only responsibilities when it comes to your children.  What was that again Paul?

‘Exporting the Poor ‘ On Agenda Again

by Charles Kenny (X Bankster)

Exporting the unemployed may sound radical, even cruel, but the quest for jobs has been a driving force behind global migration — and population growth in the New World — for centuries. More than 55 million Europeans, many desperate and poor, migrated to the Americas between 1846 and 1940, for example — often with a “good riddance” from their home governments’.,1#sthash.9t9c0qF8.dpbs  Erm hello, Why not do it differently this time?  Haven’t you listened to any stuff about the Highland clearances recently?  The ‘7 Men Of Knoydart’ stayed where they were in spite of intimidation –

Poem by Hamish Henderson

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