Return the Treasures Britain Looted, Chinese Tell David Cameron

Camanotalot took 130 individuals on that ‘Trade Mission’ to China including his father-in-law and a wealthy neighbour as well as one of the Conservatives’ biggest financial backers and a former Downing Street aide.  How much did that cost the tax-payer?  Now BBC reports he has had to defend the trip as ‘One state-run newspaper cast doubt on the “sincerity” of Mr Cameron’s diplomacy’.

‘BEIJING: British Prime Minister David Cameron faced demands Wednesday for the return of priceless artefacts looted from Beijing in the 19th century, on the last day of his visit to China.

Cameron travelled to the southwestern city of Chengdu on the third day of what embassy officials said was the largest ever British trade mission to the country.

British officials say deals worth 5.6 billion pounds ($9.2 billion) have been signed so far on the trip, but Cameron has been derided in the Chinese papers and in social media by sharp tongued locals ..’

‘The prime minister last Friday set up his own microblogging page on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, attracting more than 260,000 followers by Wednesday evening.

He invited netizens to ask questions, saying he would aim to reply during the visit.

One of the most popular questions was posted by a prominent Chinese think-tank, the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, which is headed by former vice-premier Zeng Peiyan and includes many top government officials ..

“When will Britain return the illegally plundered artefacts?” the organisation asked,

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