Concerns Over Questions Asked By MPs With Business Interests


Richard Harrington Con MP Watford.

Richard Harrington Con MP Watford was one of these looked at.

‘A number of MPs have asked questions in parliament in 2011 in areas where they have private business interests, a Bureau investigation has found.

Twelve MPs have been found to have taken part in committees, contributed to debates or asked questions in parliament that are closely related to their personal financial interests.

The potential conflicts of interests place further pressure on David Cameron to address the codes of conduct governing politicians, which have come under attack following disclosures about former Defence Minister Dr Liam Fox’s relationship with Adam Werritty.’

‘*Richard Harrington,who received £10,000 as director of wealth management firm Eden Group between January and July 2011 and owns shares in the company, contributed to a debate on the 50% tax rate for high-income individuals. ‘I believe that the 50% tax rate will prove to be a disaster’ Mr Harrington said in the debate on the Finance Bill on April 26.’

Richard Harrington Refused To Meet Fire Fighters Recently with regard to changes in their pension arrangements BUT

Mauritius Trust

Mauritius Trust off coast of Africa – how interesting.

‘A quick check with Companies House shows that 85% of the shares in Harvington Properties Limited, our MP’s company as he tells everyone (you can look for yourself, it only costs £1), are held by an outfit called Investec Trust (Mauritius) Ltd, obviously in Mauritius. Interestingly Rich Harrington, on paper doesn’t own a single share in this company, although he is listed as a director.

What this means is that when this company declares dividends of up to Half a Million quid as it did recently, 85% goes off shore to Mauritius. Thus £425,000 with little tax liability

I haven’t puzzled out how the beneficial owner of the shares in Investec Trust (Mauritius) Ltd repatriate the money but seemingly footballers are know to have their off-shore interest lend them money which never seems to get repaid. Neat, don’t you think?

Was this the true reason RICH Harrington hid in the cellar, embarrassment? ‘

In addition Wiki Harrington tells us he used his position ‘In the 2012/ 2013 Parliamentary Session Richard Harrington successfully brought in a Private Members Bill to criminalise the unlawful subletting of social housing property.’  This served Harrington’s interests in that he holds buy-to-let property.

18 July 2012

Michaelson Road Cardiff 79 Homes

Michaelson Road Cardiff 79 New Homes in Conservation Area.

PLANS for housing development at St Fagans in Cardiff has been given the go-ahead after a successful appeal.  Savills, acting on behalf of Charles Church and Harvington Properties, was successful in overturning the initial decision of Cardiff Council to reject proposals for 79 new homes.‘

22 February 2013

Controversy in Creigiau – ‘Help to save Creigiau!’ banners in hedges, on houses and at the local school – refer to the prospect of 2,750 homes being built on two sites south of the village by 2026.

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