Jeremy Virginia Bottomley-Hunt Wasted £200000 On Bid To Close A&E



Waste NLAT?  Let’s look at the word ‘waste’ for a minute. 

Firstly the homonym – Jeremy does have a fine little waist.  No-one can deny it.  It’s those classes at Little Trollope’s Dance Academy in Lambeth when a child which helped form the adult. Then there’s the noun form, as in the term ‘a waste of space’, and one can’t deny, that this particular term fits young Jeremy well enough.  Wasting money?  Oh that as well.  NHS wasting away?  Conjugation with Jeremy –

Now Jeremy wastes NHS resources. – Present Tense

Yesterday Jeremy wasted NHS resources. – Past Tense

Jeremy has wasted NHS resources. – Past Participle

Hunt guardian NLAT

Hunt Wasting NHS resources – does he care? Not really.

Jeremy is wasting NHS resources. – Present Participle

In fact one could almost write a novel just based on the juxtaposition of the word ‘waste’ and the name ‘Jeremy Hunt.’

I believe Mr Hunt taught English once…….

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