UK Pension Black Hole – Work Till You Are 70 – Where Are The Jobs Gid?

Pension Scheme Black Hole UK

Pension Scheme Black Hole UKC 5 December 2013

5 December 2013

Osborne’s Autumn Statement

UK Corporation Tax Regime is competitive – yes they do business but pay the country nothing.  All Labour are wearing purple ties today?  Colour of Kings and signifies ‘the resurrection’.

Infrastructure Spend as Percent GDP

Infrastructure Spends of various countries cf UK.

Snow in Scotland and lots of snow in Westminster as well?

The political ‘Love Triangle’?  Saudi Arabia is having a ‘breakdown’.  US married Saudi for the money.  Israel is winding things up again.  Israel has a histrionic personality profile.  Interesting stuff.  We have Pat Henningsen on today.  There is a plan shift in the area.

Chari Businesses now making money out of the Syria fiasco. begins in UK feeding the homeless at Christmas.  Crisis at Christmas folks.

Better catch the rest at the link.

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