The UK 2013 Infrastructure Plan

UK Column 4 December 2013

Danny Alexander UKC 3 Dec 13

Danny Alexander UKC 4 Dec 2013

That 2013 Infrastructure Plan and Beyond

The Government ‘is allocating additional capital of £800 million in 2015-16 for the Green Investment Bank (GIB). This will enable it to invest in low-carbon infrastructure projects including renewable energy, waste management and energy efficiency.’  Who runs that?

2013 Infrastructure Plan

Mike Robinson Graph of the ‘so called’ Infracture Spending.

Essex Mr Harris and Snatched Baby

LibDem Evan Harris is trying to protect Essex Council which is involved in a child snatch case.

As usual, Mike Robinson has interpreted the 75 page govwonk document with a handy graph featured on the left and NLAT found a summary.
Essex Council SS Involved In Caesarean Baby Snatch is now in Italian lawyer’s sights.
‘Stefano Oliva’s client was forced to undergo a Caesarean section and give her baby up for adoption because of fears for her mental health.’ 
Folks children in care are not so hastily ‘protected’ from abuse and many are now rumoured to be wishing to take court action as soon as they reach the age of 16 and are free to speak out.  Now the government wants them to stay ‘in care’ until 21.  Wonder why that is?
Interesting that LibDem Evan Harris of Hacked Off and Leveson fame has gone into full ‘protection mode’ regarding Essex Council and UKC reported that an injunction preventing the media and general public from asking any more questions is now being talked about..
ThinkFree has more on the story as well as an interesting report about how a bank repossession order against the mortgagee has been struck out as they sold it on to a third-party.  So the debt was apparently ‘paid off by that 3rd party.’  Floodgates open at banksters’ expense folks.  Wow.

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