Influential Pisa Report Says Britain’s Mid-table Position Is Virtually Unchanged From 2009 As Attainment Gap Persists

Steve Bell cartoon | 3.12.2013

Steve Bell 3 Dec 2013 Free Schools are ****

3 Dec 2013: Pisa Report

Morning NLAT.  How’s things after that very late night at The Lamb then?  Oh.  What’s the main thrust in ‘Tory BadNews‘ today?  I see.  Well we are now rumbling towards Gid’s ‘Thursday Throat Clearing Gig.’  Has he done StandUp before?  Really?  You’re selling tickets to it?  No.  How much?  Oh not at that price mate.  Seems that lots of folk are searching for that Independent article analysing Camanotalot’s Beijing trip.  It’s that comments section they are after I expect.  I see you are on your favourite part of the day then.  Reading the cartoons.  Really NLAT what about diving into Pindar’s Pythian Ode for a change?  No really.  It’s a good bit of background reading.  Honest.  Has Gove read it?  Probably.  After all he is snakelike don’t you think?.  Thanks for the link btw.  Good one.

Cameron in China Pointy Bits

Cameron in China – Pointy Bits – The Independent.

G Comment:  ‘Call me Dave is getting fatter by the day. I would have said that Gove is getting more stupid looking but that’s impossible.’  Hmmm yes and strutting his stuff in front of all those Chinese guards with pointy bits as well.  Surly one of them must have been tempted.

Someone at GovWatch doesn’t know what a Gid is.  Must be a US reader.  They do find British vernacular interesting we hear.  Dear reader a ‘Gid’ is the shortened version of the word ‘Gideot’.  And that is the word we use to describe someone with less intelligence than an Idiot.  Gideon Osborne is unfortunately the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer or in other words the man with his hands on our purse strings and sadly he knows very little about Mathematics but lots about Tax Havens as he has a good accountant.  He is due to deliver his Autumn Statement tomorrow.  Tune in folks.  Comments sections of all major UK newspapers will make interesting reading.  That lone Telegraph Troll who adopts various online disguises in order to have conversations with himself will be fully engaged trying to deal with the flak.

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