The Umbrella A Sign Of The Times

Totes Umbrella

Totes Umbrella Range – The Hexagon – 2007  Umbrella Song Released By Rihanna

‘The song ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna was released in 2007.

The song is written by the American singer, songwriter and record producer, Terius Nash, who is also known by his stage name ‘The Dream’. Rihanna later launched a line of umbrellas through the Totes Company following the success of the song.’  Tptb never miss an opportunity to turn a profit off the masses.

Umbrellas Beijing

13 Umbrellas BeijingLondon stages an eight minute handover ceremony.

Beijing 2008 and Those Umbrellas Are Out Again.

‘The floodgates of the sky are about to open in an anti-flood baptism ejaculation! Watch the video and you’ll see the umbrellas are brought out when it’s about to rain a soccer ball from the heavens! The soccer ball is the object spotlighted as the center of attention during the presentation, a symbol of the eight-fold dragon seed.’  An eight minute handover ceremony?  The Octagon.  Black Pentagons on the soccer ball.  We’re dealing with some mindful symbolism here folks.

Umbrellas on UK Bridge

Umbrellas UK Bridge

15 October, 2012

Hong Kong buyers of British property are better off purchasing older homes than brand new ones. Second-hand homes can be less expensive to buy, produce higher rental yields and can have more value adding improvements made to them. And yet, many Hong Kong buyers continue to buy new builds. Why?’

Bloody Olympics 2007

Bloody Olympics 2007 – Pic DM

‘Thousands of Tibetan exiles marched in the Indian capital New Delhi today to protest the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and demand an end to China’s rule over Tibet.’

Ai Weiwei says 'I'm fine'

Ai Weiwei says ‘I’m fine’. Pic DM 2011.

23 June 2011

Geometry of the Bird’s Nest

‘Weiwei has spent three months in prison on remand for ‘economic crimes’ after being detained at the capital’s airport on April 3 when he tried to leave the country.  Widespread anger has met his incarceration but there has at least been one upside his mother revealed today – he has lost weight.

On Cameron’s Trade Mission To China this week, he was questioned about his stance regarding China’s Human Rights Record.  Camanotalot’s new bestie friends.  He avoided the question as he knows that the Chinese Regime plays Hardball.

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