Cameron’s Humiliation In Beijing May At Last Has Put These Bullingdon Boys In Their Place

Cameron China

Morland Times.

‘Rarely have the exaggerated pretensions of a British prime minister been so harshly and humiliatingly brought crashing to earth as with David Cameron’s policy on China. China’s leaders are too skilled in diplomacy to state it bluntly during Cameron’s current Beijing visit, but the rest of the world, including numerous British commentators, knows exactly what has occurred.’  No Comment allowed here.

IndyComment: ‘One little part of the visit sums up the state the UK is in. A deal was signed by Land Rover, which is now Indian owned. They bought it from Ford, who in turn bought it from BMW, who bought it when non of our wonderful Banksters in the City would fund it. Short termism at its worst.’

IndyComment:  ‘I don’t know why he doesn’t just bend over and let them stick a baseball bat up his ar$e.’  Cor worse than anything said in ‘The Lamb’ this evening.  Tough cookies over at The Independent it seems.

Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire says Camanotalot is preparing for life after office with this ‘grand tour’.  They all do it towards the end he said.

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