Boris Johnson In IQ Test Gaffe


Lamb London

The Lamb is crowded this evening.  We find the Sheeplic competing over the IQ Questions Nick Ferrari posed to Boris on LBC Radio and which Boris failed to get right.  Most of the Sheeplic managed a reasonable 67% with some at the 100% mark.  Boris’s 0% looking a bit slack for someone with so much responsibility and someone who was putting down others recently as ‘losers’.

Comment: ‘ Is this really the sort of questions that constitute the I.Q test? It’s barely a test of intelligence at all. No worldliness or intuition required. If anything it’s a test of conniving, a measure of ones distrust and propensity to weed out subterfuge. These questions are all mean-spirited wordplay and obfuscation of intent, of the sort you might expect to find buried in every human interaction were you some dislocated Randian Sociopath – Or a politician.
(I got all three but I kind of wish I hadn’t)’

What else has NLAT found then?  Oh no, more Tory dumb ass stuff.  What planet are they on?

Oh NLAT that’s just gross.  ‘A Tory councillor from Oxfordshire has been found guilty of stealing more than £150,000 from a 92-year-old woman who has since died.’

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