Have You Received A Conservative Party Email?

It goes like this …

  • Creating Jobs Erm but my High Street is decimated.  You’ve sacked loads of NHS staff?  Can you show me a business created under this ConDem Cabal that makes something?
  • Cutting Income TaxI’m afraid I don’t see my pay packet changing really but I know that filling up at the pump costs much more.  Food’s gone up.  VAT on children’s clothes?
  • Keeping Mortgage Rates Low – Oh yes Gid has just been told by Carnage to put the brakes on that Housing Bubble he was creating to fleece young unwary folk who would really love to own a home.  Selling our young people’s student loan debt to overseas debt collectors?  Nice one.
  • Freezing Fuel Duty – Excuse me?
  • Cutting the Deficit – A lie which 3/4 of UK Sheeplic believed for a while.  Rounded up any tax evading Corps lately?  Closed any tax loopholes?  Presided over RBS’s stealing from Small Businesses?

And ends ‘Help us Finish the Job‘.  You must be kidding mate!

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