420 Hardworking Herftordshire Business Owners Recently Celebrated Their Success At Their Annual Awards Ceremony


CPG Herts

‘The stars of local industry and commerce were out for the most prestigious business event in the county – the Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013 – on Thursday November 28.

For the sixth year in a row Knebworth Barns hosted the glittering ceremony, which was a sell out with more than 420 people in attendance.’


But unfortunately Richard Harrington Con MP Watford and supposed ‘business champion’ was not in attendance celebrating with them.  Quelle surprise!

rbsLet’s have a big Shout Out for all those hard-working and honest guys and gals who are keeping Hertfordshire ‘on the move’ under extremely difficult circumstances.  Remember RBS has been foreclosing on small businesses and confiscating their finances and their assets at knock down terms. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2513520/A-state-owned-bank-kills-small-firms-feed-corpses-And-hint-shame.html

And as the DM reminded us there was that bankster Flowers who had that drug habit and who was fraternising in No 10 in 2010 with the ConDems and it was his bank the CoOp which was Gid’s favoured option for the buying of the Lloyds branches.  Then there was the recent selling off of Royal Mail at a bargain basement price so ConDem companions could make loads of dosh etc etc etc

And just who are the paid up members of this bunch of shysters then?  Well Rich Harrington is well  and truly paid up mate.  Richard Harrington has been conning Watfordians big time.

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