There’s Some Blight On Cameron’s Plot It Seems


Garden Path – Andy Davy  That shed could do with looking at.  Not very energy efficient.  Wait a min Osborne’s just cut the home insulation program.

‘Leading us down the garden path: Cameron wants us to believe the economy is growing but, like a bad gardener, he hasn’t fertilised it, and has allowed it to be overrun with weeds.’

“The week before the autumn statement, and the right honourable gentleman [Ed Miliband] cannot ask about the economy because it is growing. He cannot ask about the deficit because it is falling. He cannot ask about the numbers in work because they are rising. People can see that we have a long-term plan to turn our country around.”

Strong words – uttered by David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday (November 27).

Camanotalot needs to watch Alys Fowler’s Video to get some Allotmenteering tips.

Mark Carney

Mark Carney BOE.

Small businessmen not keen on borrowing Mr Carnage?  Don’t blame them after that RBS scandal do you?  Housing is virtually the only thing people are prepared to invest in.  Gid’s Economic Miracle?  Fail.

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