Watford Mayor Belatedly Runs Allotment PR Exercise After Farm Terrace Dispute

Colchester Allotments Scarecrow

Colchester Allotmenteers having fun with a Scarecrow Competition.

While the Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill cynically runs a belated public relations exercise to sweeten up allotmenteers before the next election, which also interestingly coincided with the Farm Terrace Allotments dispute, other parts of the country are well ahead in the allotment public relations stakes it seems.

In Colchester the contribution of those who work allotments is recognized and a genuine interest is taken in their activities.  Here we have a local councillor reporting on his blog about judging the best Scarecrow Competition recently. http://alasdairross.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/time-to-scare-those-crows.html

Lincolnshire had a competition as well.  http://lincolnshirecam.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/scarecrows-at-allotments.html

Ernest from Nottingham

‘Ernest’ from Nottingham joins ‘the plot’.

In Nottingham we note that a new very well dressed helper called ‘Ernest’ has arrived at Trinity School to help students raise standards as well as their vegetables. http://www.trinity.nottingham.sch.uk/eco/2011/scarecrow/default.aspx

If only Dorothy Thornhill could develop a genuine interest.  Her answer is to hire a landscape garden outfit to produce plans for ‘improvements’ which the allotmenteers do not necessarily need.  She has outsourced the ‘maintenance’ to Veolia which as far as can be judged is just a bit of grass cutting now and again and collecting the rents.  Finally, Farm Terrace Allotmenteers were not provided with a table at her recent ‘consultation’ meeting at Park Inn.  Dorothy the Mayor who couldn’t really give two hoots about allotments.  You and your clipped privet hedges are just so last year Dorothy.  http://europeantrees.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/the-loss-of-a-landscape-in-watford/

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