After Checking The MediaMail InBox Recently We Find Some Missed Messages

Wanders on over to GodlikeProductionsForum for a look see.  Well I’ll be….

Fee Fee La Fou Circus CallBox

Fee Fee La Fou’s Circus CallBox.

London was calling last year but was anyone listening?  DM caught the story and really went to town on the photography side of the reportage.

Dozens of old fashioned telephone boxes appeared across London – but with a dramatic twist.

The traditional red kiosks have been accessorised, recoloured and transformed by artists in a project to celebrate children’s charity ChildLine’s 25th birthday.’–The-red-phonebox.html#ixzz2lxYi3O7M

Stained Glass CallBox

Stained Glass CallBox.

And BA got in on the act as well with their advertisement.  The choice of song is interesting as ‘London Calling’ is apocalyptic and written right after Three Mile Island partial meltdown in 1979.‘  It now turns out that the London Olympic Park was on the site of a former nuclear reactor although officials said there were no health risks.  CRT 346Y on the milk float.  “Underworld” was the opening act at the Games!”

Thanks for the insight LifeInTheMix

‘LifeInTheMix Publishing aims to broaden your understanding of history and world events as they happen today. If we fail in this regard, we are sorry, we will try harder.

May the grace of the heavens shine with you always.’

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