Jeremy Hunt Practices Duality Approach to NHS

Hunts NHS Failure

Criminal Charges for Frontline Staff for reported failures but none for NHS Management.

UK Column 20 November 2013.

Typical Hunt – deftness and agility of a bulldozer really – no wonder Cameron is now personally over-seeing that A&E crisis management package for this winter.  GovWatch has no intention of being Bulldozerist btw.  GovWatch appreciates that most bulldozers do their best under difficult circumstances.

Hunt has outlined a policy whereby frontline staff could face jailtime if convicted of ‘neglect’.  Management however would not yet it is management which designs and enforces the ‘systems’ under which staff work and which allocates the finance and staffing levels.  The GMC already regulates the professional status of Doctors and the nurses have the Royal College of Nursing.  NHS hospitals are thoroughly supervised with regard to clinical excellence but private hospitals are not and mal practice in the private sector goes unreported by and large.  Hunt might do well to look more carefully into what transpires in private hospitals.

Mike Robinson then turned to the problem of massive personal debt and massive government debt and asked why they are bringing back 95 percent mortgages and the threat of then raising  interest rates.

UK Debt examined

Mike Robinson examines the UK Debt.

Mr Robinson is warning about this as it appears that  the housing market is being engineered again to fleece the unwary.

Dubai authorities are taking on Deutsche Bank –

Dubai regulator sues Deutsche Bank over disclosure denial

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