Hunt Announced Reorganisation Of GP Contracts To An Empty House

Hunt Jekyll and Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hunt.

NLAT asks – ‘So why did Jeremy Hunt again choose one of the three days when MPs are not in the Commons to announce something as apparently significant as a reorganisation of GPs’ contracts?

Was it because the plan is a big coherent initiative of which ministers can be truly proud? Or was it because the government puts greater priority on promoting a version of events that may not withstand scrutiny? The choice is yours.’   NLAT also brings us a Cartoon from the Morland Times. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hunt’ – the latest Screen Scream from ConRogue Pictures Inc.

‘At the start of the week, while MPs were still sitting, the health secretary was forced to come to the Commons and answer questions about changes to A&E units proposed by Sir Bruce Keogh that would otherwise have been produced while parliament was away.’  Did Hunt get a rough ride at that time?

Hunt is also proposing jail time for doctors or nurses found to have caused neglect but not highly paid NHS Management it seems.

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