Zabludowicz Shocker

Zabludowicz Collection Founders

Anita and Poju Zabludowicz

Poju was born in 1953.  That makes him a good old age then.  Anita is a Newcastle lass.  What’s the attraction?  Money I guess.

Apparently Anita put together a collection of ‘Art’ which was exhibited in Newcastle – her home town.  The locals were a bit shocked and complained especially about the statue of Jesus.  Poju is a great friend of Cameron’s and bankrolled Cameo during his election campaign and since.  Poju you might know is/was an arms dealer who spent time in Israel doing part of a Degree – presumably in Arms Dealing?  Anyhow it made him extraordinarily rich and that’s when Anita took a closer look.

Wiki Zab – ‘Zabludowicz claimed in October 2011 that he was tricked into funding the lavish lifestyle and globetrotting of former UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox and Fox’s adviser Adam Werritty[36] and was said to be furious at suggestions that he had received any benefit or access from the payments.’

Tele Anita

Comment from the Blogosphere:  This from Art Newspaper…

‘Anita goes nuclear on her Finnish retreat
Published online 27 Jul 11
The London-based energetic art patronne and collector Anita Zabludowicz is expanding her empire with plans to open an “art park” on the remote island of Sarvisalo one hour east of Helsinki. Zabludowicz and her Finnish husband Poju will show works from their contemporary collection on the eleven sq. mile chunk of land, commissioning artists James Ireland and Richard Woods to create public art for this Finnish idyll. But the most intriguing project taking shape on Sarvisalo must be the humongous concrete nuclear bunker conceived by Matthew Day Jackon, star of Hauser & Wirth’s current London show (Savile Row, until 30 July). This apocalyptic art makes us think, however, that Anita knows something about world events that we don’t…

Well, her father in-law is an arms dealer so maybe she’s getting some info straight from the horses mouth? Batten down the hatches everyone, and build your own art bunker…..’

Sweep Sweep Sweep

Sweep Sweep Sweep


Cue:-)  The Sweep Sweep Song

This from the Independent’s coverage of the Scot Young divorce case.  Zab and Young oh never mind.  Oh we’re a coupla crims Dum de Dum….

GovWatch to Poju.  Don’t know what your native Finland is like mate but this is your adopted country and we have a Christian heritage which you seem to wish to undermine.  If you don’t like our heritage then what are you doing bringing your kids up here?  Mightn’t hurt to Anglicise your name as well if you’re staying that is.

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