NUT And NASUWT Joint Strategy On Pay Is Not Unlawful As Gove Implied

NUT and NASUWT are at the moment grappling with Michael Gove over big changes to the Teachers’ Pay Scales.  Tempers are flaring.  Gove is not the kind of individual one can trust or have any meaningful dealings with as we have found since he was foisted on the teaching profession by this ConDem Cabal.  GovWatch has covered Gove fairly extensively already and is not surprised by this latest unpleasant business.  Teaching Staff are nothing like this mean-spirited little Psychopath and wouldn’t stoop to his methods so consequently the only way to deal with him is through solicitors it seems.  Slap him with lawsuits.  End of story.  Counteract his media outbursts which are mostly based on ‘collected opinion’ and not ‘facts’.  Gove seems to have a problem with gathering meaningful stats to back up his ideas.  Teachers on the other hand deal with stats daily.  Gove doesn’t have the patience for using proper stats.  Stats take years to accumulate in some cases.  Student stats travel with them through the system.  Gove wouldn’t have the patience for all this measuring and record keeping.  Just formulate an idea.  Ask a few SPADS what they think and then BINGO new education strategy.

Gove’s Game PlayingGove was good at Games?  Which sport was that?  Tennis?  Rugby?  Hockey?  Skiing?  Track and Field?  Was he in the Water Polo Team at Robert Gordons perhaps?  Draughts?  I’d put money on Gove being a Games Skiver myself.  GovWatch thought you’d sworn off gambling after that last unfortunate episode.  Erm NLAT?  You’re in early this morning.  Have I got a light?   GRRR  Depends what you want it for …..

Micheal Gove’s Legs?


STB Logo.

‘The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, and the Schools Co-operative Society have entered into a landmark agreement to help ensure that state schools remain not-for-profit and democratically accountable to the public.’

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