IPNA My Dear?


Why how kind.  Does it come with salad?  No but

IPNA can be applied to anything that’s considered, or considered likely or possible to cause an annoyance…on the spot £5000 fine, 2 years prison, and banning from any “locality” deemed appropriate.”

Beg Pardon wrong restaurant.  No I won’t leave a tip and no I am not washing your dishes and let me outta here ………

UK Column rekons it’s reached Tipping Point.  Cue:>}  See Saw Marjorie Daw Britain shall have a new master ……. http://www.ukcolumn.org/live

The Lyntonisation of UK Politics – With such unforgettable ditties as ‘Get those Barnacles Off the Boat’ (trans Wipe away all those Tory Modernising Musings about perhaps creating a fair society) and F****** Muslims (trans There isn’t one) and not forgetting ‘We’ll Wedge away with Policies to  gnaw at British insecurities.’  Wow the beat on that last one is biting my ****.  I’ve just got to start jumping.  Waspish or What?  http://labourlist.org/2013/07/lynton-crosby-is-the-showman-but-mark-textor-is-the-real-deal/

But But this isn’t Australia mate.  They don’t do things the same here. 

Tory strategist Lynton Crosby would do well to read those deleted speeches


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