The New Era – Fascist Collectivism

17 January 2013

Ruffle Ruffle as GovWatch gets out the textbooks to see how long Fascist Collectivism has been around.  Hmmm Third Position alternative to Capitalism and Marxism.  Remember Blair’s ‘Third Way’?  Plan C for Syria.  What is it with these people and their 3’s?  Cameron Milliband Clegg – those 3’s again!

The State is the new ‘God’.  Politicos do stuff with impunity.  Sound familiar?

Third Position Economics

Fascism supports a state-controlled economy that accepts a mix of private and public ownership over the means of production.[168] Economic planning is applied to both the public and private sector in a fascist economy, and the prosperity of private enterprise depended on its acceptance of synchronizing itself with the fascist state’s economic goals.[169] It supports the profit motive. However it emphasizes that industries must uphold the national interest as superior to private profit.[169]

Fascism promotes such economics as a “third position” alternative to capitalism and Marxism, as fascism declares both as being obsolete.[170] Such an economic system, is variously termed by fascists as “national corporatism”, “national socialism” or “national syndicalism”.[23]

Benito Mussolini spoke of this as a “Third Alternative” in 1940 upon Italy’s entry into World War II, saying:[170]

This conflict must not be allowed to cancel out all our achievements of the past eighteen years, nor, more importantly, extinguish the hope of a Third Alternative held out by Fascism to mankind fettered between the pillar of capitalist slavery and the post of Marxist chaos.

—Benito Mussolini, 1940.’

Comment:  FASCISM part of the Banksters agenda along with Corporations.

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