Richard Harrington Con MP Watford Mouthed Alot On Public Pensions But Not About Private Ones

30 June 2011

‘Tory MP Richard Harrington was quoted in a slavering Sun article (Ouch great Metaphor. Rich loves his Food.  Did you mean ‘Studying the Menu?’  Super Non Verbal Comms as well.) today condemning “fat cat union barons” (loving the linguistics as FatCat Rich was somewhat of a Tory Heavyweight in 2010 had to go on a diet) for “trying to drive a wedge between hardworking teachers and the families who will pay the price for these unnecessary strikes.” (‘wedge’ some Lynton Lyrics slipping in perhaps?) Below a cartoon depicting the NUT’s Christine Blower and Nina Franklin as a two-headed dinosaur, he opined:

“public sector pensions need to be made fairer and more sustainable.”’


Sun Nut Cartoon.

‘It is strange that the homeopathy-loving Watford MP is not as forthright about pension schemes in the private sector. Could this possibly be the same Richard Harrington who is a director of and shareholder in Eden Wealth Management, a company providing private share trading and financial advice to high net worth individuals, families and, erm, private pension funds?

We look forward with interest to his parliamentary scrutiny of the £100bn shortfall in the biggest private pension schemes.’

Good piece from someone who is not a constituent of Richard’s.  This person picked up on one or two of Richard’s interests Erm Money and Food.  The other interest of course, is Housing. Rich has several buy-to-lets and an interest in a Welsh Housing Development.  That PoliticalScrapbook what is he like!  Too perceptive by half.

Remember that ‘Giant Flamin’ Angel?‘  Well here’s a ‘Giant Flamin’ Nuisance’ for ya.

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