Rachel Reeves MP Leeds Battles For Removal Of Hated Bedroom Tax

Rachel Reeves MP Leeds

Rachel Reeves MP Leeds

12 November 2013

Tory Sleep

Tory Sleep-Walking – Erm – Sleep-Sitting perhaps.to Election 2015. 

Pret a Manger Jobsworth

Tories’ answer to Russell Brand – the Prat a Manger Jobsworth David TC Davies Monmouth..

On this day while IDS decided to give a speech in Paris rather than hear how his Bedroom Tax has affected vulnerable people who are getting into debt and who are being roped into charges for a space where essential medical treatment is carried out, Rachel Reeves bravely stood at the Dispatch Box trying to get this message across to the Tories who bothered to turn up and who were mostly putting up a veneer of sincerity.

Contrib 1:  There are no financial benefits accruing from this policy.

Contrib 2:  That’s what you get with the FibDems.  They say one thing on the doorstep but when they could make a difference they turn the other way.

Then shockingly, the veneer dropped and some ConDems were seen to laugh at the misfortune of these vulnerable people.  One Tory fell asleep.   The Pret a Manger Jobsworth (David TC Davies Con MP Monmouth Wales) jumped up to trumpet that he had seen 100’s of jobs advertised at Victoria Station for P a M. He implied that the youth in his constituency should move – presumably to London – to take advantage of these jobs.  Why weren’t the young folk rushing the place?  Well, for starters most people are moving out of London as the rents from Private Landlords are extortionate and when they resettle out of London, then the Privately run Railways are charging unaffordable fares for that commute.  Finally those jobs will be at Minimum Wage or below.  I rest my case. 

No surprise to the vulnerable in Watford that Richard Harrington Con MP voted to impose the Bedroom Tax http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bedroom-tax-lib-dem-tories-2785699 

Harrington’s Housing Noteshttp://eyeonukgovernment.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/same-tory-crap-spouted-in-favour-of-the-bedroom-tax/

Find out what your MP ‘s response to the heartfelt pleading was.

SelfservativesOn the subject of ConDem laughter.  Laughing is something the ConDems do a lot at the moment???  Is the decline of UK PLC a laughing matter?  Here’s the Forum.  http://boards.dailymail.co.uk/news-board-moderated/10260131-ian-duncan-smith-other-tories-laughing-people-screwed-them.html

See Reeves in action on Parliament TV http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=14103


Behind the NORAs

Awards Ceremony NLAT?  What Awards Ceremony?  Why wasn’t GovWatch invited?  Pink Champagne????  All the Lapsang Souchong you could drink???

‘They said it would be a game-changer. And in many ways the government has been proved right about Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Jobmatch scheme, his vehicle for turning skivers into strivers. With all those bogus vacancies and technical eccentricities, no one has seen anything quite like it.
Predictably, the awards follow, and thus the initiative this week picked up a little something from the National Online Recruitment Awards, the biggest in the recruitment industry. “The wooden Nora for the worst job board, and biggest disappointment goes to Universal Jobmatch from the Dept for Work & Pensions,” the announcement says. A “mongrel of a recruitment website” that “commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some,” the citation said.
Recognition from those who know and a prize: a carved block of cedar wood. IDS will be so pleased. A shame he couldn’t have been there in person.’
Hugh Muir, Guardian’

Planning that Awards Ceremony http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/maintain/reward-accomplishments/awards-ceremonies/main

BTW David TC Davies supports Fracking and Shale Gas Extraction.


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2 Responses to Rachel Reeves MP Leeds Battles For Removal Of Hated Bedroom Tax

  1. Techno says:

    “Tories who bothered to turn up”

    Chuka Umunna, Diane Abbott, David Blunkett, Ed Balls, Margaret Hodge, Gloria de Piero, Frank Dobson, Frank Field, Alan Johnson, Tessa Jowell, Gerald Kaufmann and David Lammy also failed to turn up.

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