Guardian and BBC Feel That Full On Swearing Is Now OK

Alan Rusbridger

Alan Rushbridger – Guardian Editor

Well Mr Rushbridger GovWatch sometimes sails close to the wind but then we’re not MSM.

In this article the swearing has not been redacted. and here

We know that performers do it and that’s why GovWatch has stopped watching most comediennes now.  So Mr Rushbridger that occasional Guardian purchase will now not be necessary.  Thanks to UK Column for bringing this to my attention.

Blair Dubai 600000 pds a yr on securityBlair worried about the security in Dubai, asked to be moved to a safer place.  Blair is spending £600,000 a year on Security.  GovWatch knows a safe place Mr Blair.  Just give us a call.

Straw knew exactly what he was doing

Straw is lying when he says they didn’t know what theywould get som many immigrants.

Blair is supporting Dubai in the World Cup 2020.  If he gets that far.  He looks a bit grey to me  and he has a dodgy ticker didn’t you say?   Then there’s that W on his forehead which has had GovWatch intrigued for a while.  Mystery solved.   Of course it’s W for Worried.

Cue:–  It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.  Yea it takes a worried man to sing a worried song ……. Dum de Dum …

Jack Straw says Labour got it wrong on immigration.  Invited all those people to come to UK for the jobs and a better life.  OOPS in fact there are very few jobs, no free Shengen Agreementhealth care and no benefits either.  So Sorry folks.  Please just join this Underclass Queue will you.  Thanks.  Labour did not make a mistake.  Jack Straw is lying.  They wanted to debase UK Society.  One must look at the Schengen Agreement –

David Blunkett is a dangerous man.  Watch out folks.  Blunkett, Blair, Cameron, Straw, Clegg, are low empathy dangerous people.

Blunkett Destroy Country

How to Destroy a Country – Blunkett Book.

Booker Prize winning text – a must read for every potential politician –  ‘How To Destroy a Country’ by David Blunkett.  The forward was written by T Blair and extra chapters were contributed by D Cameron.

Order a copy for your neighbour’s Christmas present now.

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