NASA and VATICAN Prepare To Announce the Biggest LIE In Human History

Flamin Angel‘Shaking the Earth’ with this announcement on 13 Nov 2013?  Yea so WAT?

God’s work would be more subtle and beautiful than this I think.  FAIL.   Looks a bit like that old ‘Icarus flew too near to the sun story.‘  Read it in a book about Flight in Grade 2 Primary mate.  It’s just man trying to be too clever but unfortunately they made the wings out of wax again.  Haven’t we learned anything?

Read the Comments Section under this UTube Vid eg they found Obama’s birth certificate.  Hmmm.

Petrus Romanus

13/11/13 – Ptb NumbaBustas getting RED HOT this year.

We are here from Planet Yelnick

How things are panning out so far – Planet Yelnick.

Will it be glorious pichers in the sky?  I know – Comet Ison is bigger than reported and is going to bring down the Grid?  What about the Flamin’ Angel doing the UTube rounds atm?  Russell Brand wearing Gold Lame and Diamonds circling the Earth in an Alternative Universe Jelly Pod.  Common WAT is it.

The David Packman Show –

The World’s Not Overcrowed Folks

Guardian Angels

Blackjack 10

Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Where’s the game?

Dealer Count Me In.  I feel lucky tonight.  No surrendering allowed. 

Sorry GovWatch all bets are off on that Nov Power Outage Bullsh**. 

Oh shucks.  Pass the Malt then.

Heh SkyWatch what’s up?

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