Women In Black Watch Men In Black Ties Celebrating Sacrifice

The Three Black Ladies

Three Black Crows at the Battle Field Feast.

UKC 11/11/13 Phewer the numerology – reports that while tptb celebrate ‘sacrifice’ and the ultimate War Crim Tony Blair is still a free man, a Marine is being sent to prison for a so-called ‘War Crime’ he committed while on a tour of duty which was at the behest of these Remembrance ‘Service’ charlatans.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2495031/David-Cameron-backs-Royal-Marines-serviceman-guilty-killing-Taliban-prisoner.ht

War Mongers

War Mongering story so far.

In addition, UK soldiers have recently been killed in Afghanistan by those whom they are supposedly there to ‘help’.  These Men and Women in Black give these things ‘no mind’ and giggle at God knows what.

Phillip Hammond not fit for purpose.  Go after Tony Blair as well.  He is a War Criminal of gigantic proportions compared with what that Marine is responsible for.

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