Oh Dear – When One Sells One’s Soul The Price Is Very High

The Brand Perry Story


The Man Behind The Mask – Max Martin


Illuminati PsyOps Engineering Fake Revolutions

Brand on US Chat Show

Brand on US Chat Show.

‘Brand shares information about the Illuminati.  Whether Brand is a puppet of ptb or not, he is sharing information about ‘the system’ that has been set up for control of the population.  Sometimes their plans don’t always work in their favour.  could this be one of those times?’


VineOfLifeNews Reports –

The first point to address regarding this topic is to acknowledge that Main Stream Media is controlled by a hand full of Illuminati members.  Don’t get pulled into the idea that free speech actually exists on the Television.  So would the Controllers of ideas actually allow countering ideas that would disrupt their rule.  No!!!  So why would they roll out an interview about social revolution.  Does this remind you of the Arab Spring?  Does this remind you of George Soros’ Occupy Movement?  So here comes the Illuminati’s selected poster child Russell Brand to roll out the “Revolutionary” Che Guevara imagery all over again.  Call Jane Fonda her heart throb is back in Russell Brand!’

‘The illuminati’s goal is to promote chaos!  They are trying to tear down any normalcy left.  They want law and order to be destroyed in all countries to implement their Beast System on everyone and terminate the nation state concept and roll in the Antichrist system.  So Russell Brand is just the latest, “Do As Thou Wilt, Should Be The Whole Of The Law” Luciferian to try to promote global chaos.   Here what other secular truthers are saying about The New Sheeples Messiah, Russell Brand.’  http://vineoflifenews.com/illuminati-psyops-engineering-fake-revolutions-russell-brand-exposed/

Cleggosvitch spoke in defence of Brand.  Number One UK Change Agent him.  Red lights flashing all over the Control Panel for GovWatch I’m afraid.  Don’t fall for all that Revolution Bull**** Folks.


Prince Charles Black Crest.

  • ‘ordo ab chao’;  Adam Weishaupt; Illuminati Pyramid; Number of the Beast; Mark of the Beast;  All Seeing Eye; Prince Charles’ Coat of Arms; Illuminati’s Control;

Zechariah 11:17

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.   http://thetruthbehindilluminati.wordpress.com/tag/ordo-ab-chao/

Explan of ‘Sword upon his right eye’ – ‘his intelligence is going to be “blinded”, for the eye is more often than not connected with the “light” and “intelligence” in the Bible.

The ‘withered right arm’ – ‘The “right arm” in the Bible is usually connected with power. This could be a referral to his “power” being “diminished” and “withdrawn” from him, both his Kingdom and all its allies, which will begin from the moment he rises to world domination (Isaiah 10:5-6, 16-19).’  http://elijahreturns.hubpages.com/hub/Zechariah-1117-The-Sword-that-is-Upon-the-Right-Eye-and-Arm-of-Antichrist

Comment:  Don’t attack or idolise – Use the FACTS of the situation to help by some degree.

For example : Getting on with understanding how power works,where the addiction to power emerges from in the human experience, and how to avoid it’s pitfalls so that if a change comes, we are ready for it – in terms of skill sets, experience, empathy, self control and discipline – the exact opposite of what all previous ‘revolutions’ stimulated by Power have delivered.

Comment:  After knowing Russell Brand for over 15 years and being on tour with Noel Gallagher i can assure you Mr Brands intentions are pure.

He’s playing in a pit infested with snakes. He’s doing a pretty good job at keeping his head above water. Why is this? He’s not able to be blackmailed and the security services hate it. “oh look, russells got caught up in another sex scandel” Who cares – it what he does.

Mr Gallagher also knows how to play the system and knows if he goes too much into politics he’ll be on the Lennon path (and we all know how that panned out).

Comment:  I was with Brand 90% of the way, but the two things that made me feel extremely uncomfortable with his “performance” is that he calls for SOCIALISM which historically has proven never to be about the people but always about CONTROL & SLAVERY of the people. Secondly, he buys into the CLIMATE CHANGE con, which is not about taking care of our planet, but another form of CONTROL & SLAVERY, ie a new religion for atheists/Catholic Church 2.0

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