No-One At the House Of Commons Was Prepared To See James Hazle Who Wanted An Audience To Sort Out His Employment Prospects

‘Bus driver Fred Hazle, 49, reached the end of his tether so took his blind lad James, 19, to Downing Street to tell David Cameron: “If my son can work, YOU give him a job.”’

‘To prove the teenager’s eligibility, his GP signed him off indefinitely from the fit to work programme.  In early July, the payments began but within a fortnight, letters began arriving on the family’s doormat in Dagenham, East London, saying the funding would be stopped if they did not provide further proof of James’s disability.

JamesazelA flood of warnings then arrived on August 5, 8 and 9 from the Jobcentre Plus head office in Glasgow.  Despite numerous calls to the Jobcentre hotline explaining the situation, the letters kept coming.  Fred says that after yet another demand, he eventually took James – who was born without optic nerves – to their local Jobcentre to prove his point.

James Hazel and his ‘Very Special’ father. What an wonderful Dad James has.

The woman behind the counter burst into tears when she saw James, said Fred.  The dad added: “The GP told the DWP that James’ condition will never get better. It will only get worse.  “The Jobcentre said they want more proof than that so I took him down there.

What kind of inhuman system is the DWP presiding over?  What kind of Dorks are IDS and Camalot to deny these people a hearing?

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