WATCOR Takes a Look At Immigration and Asks

WATCOR Immigration

WATCOR shared a photo from ‘Collective Evolution’.

‘Is Hunt a Thelemic Philosopher with that A*A* hand position?’

Common WATCOR – Hunt wouldn’t even know what Thelemic Philosophy was. 

Well, let’s have a look.



Jeremy Hunt Patients - photo for 'the boss'.

Jeremy Hunt and that A*A* Arm Pose.

A previous GovWatch post!  Life is indeed cyclic.

Jeremy Virginia Hunt-Bottomley was at one time a student of dance at the Little Trollope’s Dance Academy in Lambeth.  ‘Jeremy was a proper little Madam – I can tell you’ recalled Angelina Gaushtein his Classical Dance Instructor recently.

Here Jeremy – try these –

Hunt Hand

A man's hands is shown in yoga mudraGiggle Smirk


Typing Hands, Hands on a clock face, Golf Swing, Tennis Racquet Grip  – endless fun.


WAT a Racket at ‘The GreenHouse’ this afternoon.

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