Bankers Love Socialism

Groucho Club – David Icke is a member. Russell Brand hangs out there too.


Fabian Logo – wolf in sheep’s clothing – nice one.

Brand’s and Blair’s and Cleggosvitch’s Fabian Socialism means that they expect us to cough up more money for their schemes via ‘Heavy Taxation’.  If that doesn’t give them enough extra funds, then Middle Class Bank Accounts will be raided for funds via Bank Bail-Ins.  The Tax reserves are low  because this ConDem Cabal has wasted Billions since they formed their ‘Coalition’ and families such as the Rothschilds are sitting on enormous reserves of wealth which have been sucked out of the economy.  The Middle Class already pays all the bills for this ConDem Cabal and has seen no returns on their investment.  Industry and Small Business – what’s left of it – also pay their share.  This Cabal has squandered the lot and is a disgrace.

YEP they just LOVE Socialism.

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