Russel Brand Is Not ‘the Voice Of the People’

Brand and Jemima Khan

Brand and Jemima Khan

Peoples Voice Facebook

Logos look familiar – copy of MumsNet and Rolling Stones Tongue Logo.  Make up your mind what you are please.  A load of mums with tongues out?

UKC today reported that Brand has rekindled his ‘liaison’ with Jemima Goldsmith which indicates his closeness to other ptb.   Brand was Katy Perry’s MK Handler in US and has been called out on this by HumansWin recently.  Brand was nowhere to be seen at the recent 5 November Demo on Westminster Bridge but the UKC Chatroom said he seems to have made an appearance in The Guardian.  Brand doesn’t speak for the People’s Assembly or COR.  Brand called for Revolution on Paxman and ‘we the people’ are not listening to that kind of rhetoric these days.  We see the wood and Brand will be in a revolution of one.  It seems that Brand has been chosen by tptb for a thing called People’s Voice.  By using ‘People’s Voice’ tptb are hoping to poach the logo from us.  We’re not buyin’ it fellas.  So sorry.

GovWatch has an issue with the tongue logo.  If you have noticed, Miley Cyrus has been seen doing this recently.  It represents a female dog on heat.  All those who buy into this symbol are buying into a joke by the ptb I’m afraid.  They are saying you are nothing but dogs.—g-tongue-VMAs-2013-performance.html

‘Paul Gambaccini was openly critical of the former BBC Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas in the wake of the “Sachsgate” affair is as garrulous as ever. Gambaccini said he had warned Douglas not to hire Brand, describing him as a “timebomb”, and claimed the former station controller had indulged the presenter as her “pet” while he alienated almost everyone else in the building.’

DM warns ‘Beware of false prophets.’

Red Ice Creations Take on Brand/Paxman.

Fabian Message – Socialism for everyone else but not for themselves.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Softening us up for that Bank Bail=In Folks and possibly at gunpoint.  EU is centralized and it is totally corrupt.  More money is not the solution.  Government doesn’t produce wealth.  They are parasites really.  New Statesman has Fabian connections.  (The wolf amongst the sheep.)  London School of Economics also suspect.


Dear Russell Brand

Chloe Smith 28 Jul 2014

3 December 2013

#9 RusSHILL Brand: Exposed

Richie Allen Rips Apart Russell Brand’s Interview With Ed Miliband

3 Mar 2015

Russell Brand’s Shape-Shifting Reptilian Eyes During Live TV Broadcast


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