Lest We Forget – Thatcher Was A Divisive Individual Who Presided Over The Beginnings Of the Mess We Are In Today

Thatcher – ‘There is no such thing as Society.’  Yea right…. There absolutely is such a thing you miserable ……… weirdo. 

DriveByPlanet takes another look at the Thatcher ‘Legacy’ and quotes Ken Loach. http://www.drivebyplanet.com/2013/04/iron-lady-rust-in-peace-thatcher-was.html

James Gralton

James Gralton

James Gralton – A Man From the Future –

‘On August 13, 1933 Jim Gralton was forced to board a Trans-Atlantic Liner in Cork which was to set sail for the USA. Jim had been arrested on August 10 at a friend’s house in Gorvagh, County Leitrim and brought to Ballinamore Barracks where he was detained before being brought to Cork for his deportation. He had been living on the run since February of that year following the issuing of a deportation order by the courts who ruled that he had to leave Ireland by March 5. His deportation 77 years ago makes him the only native Irishman to be deported from this state.’


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