ConDem Universal Credit Scheme – Money Wasted Is Revised Up To At Least £140 Million

NLAT and The Flock are in ‘The Shed’ today:#)

huddled over their Twitter Accounts with some Smokey Lapsang for company.

The tweeting is frenetic. 

NLAT then informs The Flock that ‘One of four tweets so far this morning from the DWP’s Press Office on Twitter (@dwppressoffice):

 “We do not recognise the PAC’s £140m write-off figure for #UniversalCredit & expect it to be substantially less“‘

The atmosphere is electric.  ‘Could this be the Fall of Rome?’ wonders DemonSheep.

The said Guardian article rests on a table nearby:

‘The universal credit scheme has been overseen by “alarmingly weak” management, with systems so lax that a secretary was allowed to authorise purchase orders worth £23m, according to the public accounts committee. In some cases it is unclear what suppliers have been paid for.

MPs also voiced doubts about whether the project can still be fully delivered by the deadline of 2017 and described a pilot set up under Duncan Smith’s guidance as inadequate and open to fraud.‘

S1:  ‘In 1601 Robert Devereux lost his head. ..In 2013 another Robert Devereux will lose his- Inane Duncan-Smith will throw anybody including granny and the kids between himself and the car crash that is the DWP under his ‘leadership’. He wasn’t trusted in charge of anything in the army and, for once, the army knew what it was doing.’



S2:  ‘I expect it to be more! IDS is involved, the man gets through more public money than water!’

Then, in strolls a member of TUSC.

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