Hugo Swire – Hugo If You Want To Pay Squire But We’re Not Fooled By A BlackOut Bluff


Hugo Swire – East Devon.

Hasn’t Hugo got the drift yet?  This Black-Out Bluff is a load of *******T.

‘Old Etonian Hugo Swire, minister of state for the Foreign Office, claimed a total of £3,198 on gas and oil in 12 months on his second home. Writing in his local paper, the Tory MP for East Devon said: “The reason we are not introducing a price freeze is it simply won’t work. If we want the lights to stay on, (Cartel Blackmail) consumers and taxpayers are, by some means or other, going to have to pay for it.”’


EtonRace – They’re under starter’s orders – interesting athletics gear fellas.

Lordy Lordy the ‘Energy Cartel’ were caught lying but Hugo didn’t get told to shut his mouth or change his tune.  Not very quick off the mark Hugo.  How were you in the school 220 then?  Oh I see.  What about Music lessons?  Oh…..

Another Tosser turned out by Eton.  Eton turning sow’s ears into sow’s ears.  Well done Eton.

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