Bonfire Of Austerity On Westminster Bridge Followed By Fireworks

The marchers assembled in Jubilee Gardens on a blustery Tuesday evening.  That Blue Jacket Brigade known as the Police Liaison Team were also in attendance.  ‘It’s going to be freezing on that bridge you know’ says one – trying out his ‘new anti-terror softly softly approach.’  Did think, ‘Cripes he’s right’ for a min but fished out the Berlin black leather (Wir haben Möglichkeiten, damit sie sprechen) gloves and strengthened that resolve.  The wind blew COR Anti Cuts Signs about and the Counterfire Publications flew from their neatly stacked positions all over the pavement as one or two souls attempted to light candles.  Members of the crowd chased the offending papers about like pigeons after breadcrumbs trying to recapture them.  The contents of rucksacks and little cases on wheels were disgorged by the more organised of the troupe while music thumped from a pink ipod linked to a white loudspeaker – girly but impressive.  Several demonstrators in wheel chairs were in attendance.  A wonderfully intellectual woman from the Pensioners Association was telling us about her job as a statistician before she retired.  Indeed it was a diverse group.

The General Sheeplic strolled by peering quizzically at the mass of placards and people and wondered why they hadn’t heard about it.

Fawkes First; Cameron Next’ as a lad tried to light his torch for the third time.

Suddenly they were off past police riot vans parked neatly outside the Shell Building.  The Bridge was indeed blocked and an effigy of all that is wrong with this ConDem Outfit of a Government was duly burned in the middle of it.  Students chanted ‘Hey Cameron hear us say – we won’t work if you don’t pay’ and other oral tributes probably cobbled together hastily in the student refectory earlier that day.  A member of the Rebellious Media talked about ‘funny money’ which was used to create Austerity while another suggested that it was all about NLP.  Then the conversation moved on to Fracking.  ‘They’re going to frack in the (missed that bit)’ volunteered an incredulous and very English pensioner in a beret.  Hmmm

St Albans PAAA Burns with Indignation Everyday

Well done to all those who participated.

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