Jon Snow Interested In Making The World a Better Place For People To Co-Exist


Jon Snow

26 Jun 2010

‘To suggestions that he’s more interested in saving the world than reporting it, Snow shrugs. “Interested in making it a better place for people to co-exist in, yes,” he says, “but I’m not interested in saving anything, even money.”’  Thank Heavens some are interested in making the world a better place and not in hoarding wealth in offshore accounts even THEY don’t know the details of.

‘At the age of eight, Jon was sent away to boarding school where, he says, he suffered the routine torments of bullying and sexual molestation, before getting a place at Liverpool University’.  Why DO parents send children to BS?  Mr Snow has subsequently been left with is a “pathological fear” of being entrapped.”

All Light Beings are required to light up the world in some small way this evening as we celebrate the


More of this at Flaming Text.


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