Conservatives Nervously Examine Those Polls and Prepare For 2015 Election

Election Planning

Gosh here’s Zahawi talking about how it’s tough on the electorate as household bills are going up with all this Austerity and such like (not for him anyhow as the tax payer pays his) and Michael Gove’s Education Reforms (erm – pardon –  aren’t those mostly about Free School Fraud and unqualified staff) providing good schools for all children.  WHAT????  Then there’s their secret Weapon of Mass Persuasion – Lynton Crosby.  Laugh Laugh Laugh  Stoppit you’re giving me stitches.  Yes NHS in private hands and REALLY stitched up.  Watch Out….. Who’s paying Lynton?  Oh The tax-payer……….


Stephen Shakespeare – but born with the name Kukowski

‘Why is David Cameron wriggling then?‘  asks a pundit.

Yawn BBC – Isn’t there any Shakespeare on these days?

Wasn’t Shakespeare after all it was a bloke called Kukowski.  Really?  I thought the Bard had a beard.

Burble Burble Burble YouGov Burble Burble Ashcroft Burble Burble Burble Zahawi.

Really?  How interesting.

Zahawi and Kukowski = Whisky – and we’re back in the waggon with Gid Cameo and Cleggosvitch.  We need to be on the waggon not in it.  Life is cyclic after all.

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