Where Are My Tax Pounds Going?

Are You Paying For Tory Office Space?


Willets and Maude – Telegraph.

Are you keeping your local Con MP in the manner to which he/she is accustomed?

‘Ten ministers are among hundreds of MPs who have been boosting their local party coffers by renting constituency offices from them.

The MPs use taxpayers’ money to lease workspace from their own political party in a practice which has been branded “backdoor funding” by critics, who have called for a ban.

More than a quarter of politicians are believed to rent constituency offices from their local parties, or, in the case of some Labour MPs, from trade unions.

  • David Willetts, the Universities and Science Minister, paid £13,930 in rent and rates to his local party in Havant, Hampshire, last year.
  • His ministerial colleague, Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office Minister, spent £10,439 renting offices from the Horsham Conservative Association, West Sussex.’
  • Michael Gove, the Eduction Secretary, handed over more than £9000 to his local party in Surrey Heath.
  • Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling, Theresa May and party chairman Grant Shapps were among the other Cabinet ministers pouring taxpayers’ money into their local Conservative associations through office hire.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg pays £8,700 to sub-let his office from his Sheffield Hallam constituency.
  • Iain Duncan Smith handed Chingford and Wood Green Conservative Association £19,474 last year “to cover costs connected to his constituency duties”.


Wonder when Watford Con MP Rich Harrington’s rental arrangements might be brought to light.

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