Just Who Instigated the Grab For State Control of UK Press?

Those pushing for State Control of Press

Those pushing for State Control of UK Press.

UK Column 4 November 2013 provided the helpful diagram on the left.  It’s the inside info on Common Purpose.  However, as they are CHANGE AGENTS expect them to morph into other guises shortly.

UKC thinks recent Road Chaos will be used to usher in Rothschild Road Pricing.

UKC also reported that we the tax payers paid EDF £ 3 Mill to shut off wind turbines recently.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/10423982/EDF-paid-3-million-to-shut-down-Scottish-wind-farm.html  We trying to keep energy prices artificially inflated this winter????

Julia Middleton CP CEO

Julia Middleton CEO Common Pupose

UKC also reported that TESCO are going to use face recognition technology instore.  What for? Take your shopping to another outlet.  Start patronising the small shopkeeper.  Wear a Burka or face veil.  Ask their manager what they think they are doing capturing our personal ID information without our consent.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/agriculture/supermarkets/10423811/Tesco-to-scan-queuing-shoppers-features-for-advertisers.html

Maria Miller

Maria Miller at ‘Culcha’ tells press ‘We will nobble you whether you like it or not.’


MPs will now be paid £74,000 under their recent pay rise.  They are also claiming up to £184,000 expenses to run their offices etc.  Are they worth it?  Not when our normal workers are thrust into zero hour contracts, 1 year contracts, wage constraint, Austerity etc.  Tell yours what you think.

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