Not Another Enquiry – Didn’t Cameo Listen To Fitzpatrick Yesterday?


Should have gone to SpecSavers or is it hearing aids he needs?

Cameo refuses to act on energy price rises and chooses to do nothing but wait for the ‘Winter of Discontent.’ Never mind Small Businesses need ConDems to reign in costs.  Cameo falls back to his standard position of MORE COMPETITION.  What planet does that *i**** live on?  It seems that there’s only one ethical company in the game and that’s Ovo.

‘The Lobster Rides Again’ at Cinemas this Autumn.  Oh and speaking of riding, ‘Horsegate’ just got a little more complicated as we have now heard that Andy was riding ‘That Police Horse’ sometimes as well.  Hmmm.

n.’/Prime_Ministers_Questions_30_10_2013/  Ed Milliband roped in Cameo and called the Energy Cartel ‘The Big Seven’.

Gove whispers in the Background  Winter Blackouts not a threat then – but Pickles didn’t get ‘The Message.’  AM have warned that the ptb want to pull a Power Blackout False Flag on November 13 2013.

GovWatch has read that the ptb were wanting to use the money raised from these huge energy price hikes for some ‘black boiler room op’ they were planning.  Keep digging.  Nothing is what it seems …..

Where’s the DM?  Covering that ‘Ghouls Gastronomy Event’ no doubt.  Still not sure what Gid was wearing.

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

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