UK Column Looks More Closely At the Function Of the Privy Council and Other Matters

Stephen Fitzpatrick Ovo

Stephen Fitzpatrick – Ovo. Ovo also offer 3 percent interest on money in credit with them.

UK Energy firms were unable to justify increases in household bills to MPs.  The Chief Executive of Ovo Energy Mr Fitzpatrick called the other energy companies a Cartel and said he couldn’t explain why the price increases were necessary..

‘Bosses from the Big Six claimed that they have been forced to put up their tariffs, at least partly, to reflect a rise in the wholesale cost of energy.

Parliament TV HoC Energy and Climate Change Committee

However, the head of the smaller energy company told MPs yesterday that this was not true and, in fact, wholesale prices have fallen in recent years.’

Mike Robinson’s talk on the Pension Funds rip-off is worth a look.  Mark Anderson was giving input from the US by Skype and mentioned the corrupt banking cartel along with his discussion of their pension situation.

Mark Anderson reports that Obama has protested an amendment which is unusual and he says this stems from the tussle they are having over the NSA.  Surveillance state is spreading but the US citizens are rallying to protest it.  Justin Amash is a lightening rod on this issue Anderson says.


Press Freedom Cartoon – The Mirror.

UK Column remarked that the British Judiciary are getting rid of Christianity from the Courts.  Therefore they say there will be no higher law than that of man.  Courts in the hands of men?  Well that’s crap as how reliable is man always?  Courts are meaningless if this is the case.  Sack the lot and use Common Law then.

Uk Media now in the hands of Ex members of KGB and so on.  Cameron openly encouraging Communist folk to ‘get involved’ in UK affairs.  We should have UK control not control by those with questionable alliegences.  OK sack the lot and use the AM then.  The AM are free from manipulation at least.  However …….

Cameron alleged to have said – ‘When we get elected we will legislate against things like this.‘  This was said while handling a copy of the UK Column.  Labour and Hacked Off have done a lot to bring about this threat to our Freedom of Speech.

Clegg behind CurtainClegg – The Man Behind the Curtain – Pic DM.

Ministers Secret Meeting to Curb Press.  ‘Last night Government sources said the meeting would be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg but refused to say who else will attend or even where the meeting will be held. ‘

Then they looked into the real role and power of the Privy Council and the fact that Clegg is an influential member.  It is certainly not transparent and Clegg heads it up  being the Lord President and he was appointed by Cameron.  Leveson is a member of this Privy Council.  Cameron kept his emails private during Leveson and others not offered the same privilege.  Mark Anderson asked if Ken Clarke was a Privy Council member considering his links with Bilderberg and of course he is.  Only 15 percent of UK population voted for Clegg.  Why was he appointed to do Constitutional Reform then?  

Rebecca Brooks knows a lot about the UK Paedo scene.  Is she a scapegoat?

Dutch Rabobank fined 1 Billion in Libor settlement and Chairman resigns.

Full picture at –

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