Government Loses Another Appeal – ‘Back-to-Work Schemes Legally Flawed Decision’ Upheld

Cait Reilly

Ms Reilly said she hoped the government would rethink its approach in light of the ruling

GovWatch:  These judges didn’t go far enough.  Our youth are smart and hard-working and ambitious and they want rewarding careers.  As a Society we have a DUTY to help them realise their full potential.  Not criticise them and force them to do soul-destroying zero hours contracts/workfare placements etc. 

We should tackle these Predatory Demersal-Feeding Workfare Organisations which suck money from the Tax Purse to send our youth on such blind alley jobstints as well.

Komodos feeding, cropped

Workfare Companies in Indonesia on a ‘feeding frenzy’.

‘The case was brought by graduate Cait Reilly. She also claimed that requiring her to work for nothing at a Poundland store breached her human rights.’

‘Critics have said the sector-based work academy scheme and the community action programme – introduced in 2011 are unfair because they involve work without pay and cuts in jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) for those who failed to comply with the rules.’

‘Five Supreme Court justices upheld a Court of Appeal decision which went against the government in February, because of shortcomings in the way the schemes were explained to those taking part.’

VoxPolitical reports – ‘Total profit for all companies using benefit recipients on ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ between June 2011 and July 2012 (878,000 people): £894, 416, 090 – nearly £1 billion.’

Those pesky Judges coming out against GovRegs.  Can’t believe it …..  Er Hello NLAT.  That time already?  You mean I missed the meeting?  Oh No … Tomorrow then …

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