Blair’s Catholicism Israeli Arms Deals Buying Knighthoods

Fr Michael Seed

Fr Michael Seed – Blair’s Catholic Confessor

Surprised by all this?  Saint ‘I can absorb the pain’ Tony never far from the BlogoSphere.  Pass the sick bucket.  GovWatch covered Fr  Michael Seed some time ago.  Blair the Living Dead roams the misty corridors of power still.  UK Column reported recently that Blair has said ‘My people co-operate in many countries’ – Fascism via Faith Foundations methinks.

GovWatch report on Champagne Catholic and Blair

MumbaiLaity BlogSpot Catches on to Catholic Blair Court Dance –

tony blair the big W

Tony Blair’s Big W – Telegraph.

Cranmer BlogSpot reported in 2011 Fr Michael Seed in attempted Balkans arms deal.

Telegraph reported Fr Seed helped Stringfellow win a Knighthood –

Time on your hands?  Here’s the Forum on that ‘W’ –


Wendi Deng – Mirror.

Mirror reported in June that Blair was rumoured to be having an affair with Wendi Deng

‘A spokesman said on Friday after Mr Blair, 60, was dragged into the divorce mystery surrounding billionaire Mr Murdoch, 82, and Wendi. ‘  Cherie’s Norks not enough.  Oh Dear …..

Why did Blair rant against career politicians recently?  ‘Spend 7 years doing something else first’ Blair said.  That magic number 7.  Blair is a Freemason.  Blair’s son Euan just happens to be ‘spending 7 years doing something else’ in Coventry.  How interesting.  Don’t whatever you do ever vote for the name Blair again!  Maybe Euan should change his name to say – Irvine.

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