UK Family Judge Speaks Out Again Over Child Snatching By Social Services

Sir James Munby

Sir James Munby

‘The country’s most senior family judge yesterday launched a furious attack on social workers who failed to tell parents why their children were being adopted – and suggested that in future the same offence could carry a jail term.

Local authority workers in Bristol ignored a court order requiring them to explain why the couple’s two children were being taken for adoption.

They only released the information to the parents 45 minutes before the decision was due to be finalised, giving the family no real hope of mounting a challenge in court.’

Meanwhile someone is very sensitive about an earlier DM story about Secret Courts abusing their powers and getting parents jailed for sending Birthday Greetings to their natural-born children.  The link has been removed.  However bloggers have also covered the story and it  is now at BeforeItsNews BlogSite.

‘This care order was accompanied by the gagging order to stop an increasingly anguished Mr Johnson talking about the case publicly.’  This sounds crazy but is not really crazy when one considers that the truth of ill-managed decisions by Social Services staff might start to be exposed and they might then have to do some ‘jailtime’ themselves.  So, they keep it all hushed up…….

A Mr Terry Earland from Richmond Social Services springs to mind.  He is the former ‘assistant director in charge of children’s services’ and was in post at the time of the Elm Guest House abuse of children from Grafton Children’s Home.

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