Photographer Tyler Hicks Is a Zionist Asset

Tyler Hicks Zionist Asset

Tyler Hicks
Zionist Asset

Zionists are ‘Making Up the News For Us’ by superimposing a staged scene on a different background –  but not well enough for NoDisinfoBlogspot it seems who has spotted a few mistakes.

‘Make no mistake about it this is a supreme fake, that is this claim of an actual massacre by Muslim terrorists at the Nairobi Westgate mall.  Regardless, the mall is owned and operated by Israelis. Couldn’t they do better than this than to prevent the slaughter of 62 innocents, with some 175 acclaimed as wounded?’

‘Hicks: Yes, yea, I mean, once I looked into the center area of the mall down into the lower floor and saw that there were bodies on the ground floor, big pools of blood, people scattered around, it really, it was clear that those guys were just indiscriminately killing people and that something that you usually have to think about…It’s clear that a lot of people were killed” and, therefore, they are “people who are very willing to kill civilians and prepared to die themselves as martyrs for the cause.”

Note: Hicks has got this wrong. It is the Zionist extremists who are indiscriminately murdering the innocents, not various Islaamic groups. In fact, the bald man inanely pointing the gun is a Hebrew-speaking Zionist mole. The other Anglo-like man is checking his cell messages; the Hebrew is calling out, twice, “Again” and “Again”, presumably for people to make fake gunshot noises.’  This Blogger doesn’t seem very impressed with Tyler Hicks at all.

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