BBC and MSM Finally Wake Up To Gove’s Flagship Free School Fraud

Kings Science Academy made it to Newsnight WOW

Gavin Esler

Gavin Esler – Newsnight.

Gavin Esler takes up the chase.  Discipline problems, Mis-management, Nepotism and Fraud and that’s just the start.  Well Cameo was there plugging it with that old line

‘You’re getting a good education’ but

management was ‘out-of-control’

and Gove ecstatic – no more county council to deal with Whew……. no opposition idealogues to get in the way

Can’t wait for Dominic Cummings’ version of Free School


Top Tory Mr Lewis is very much involved.

Kings Science Academy (KSA) in Bradford

The school sits on land leased from Alan Lewis the Tory Party VICE Chairman arrested earlier this year on Rape Charges.

Lewis will make £6 Million over 20 years from the lease. 
Lewis 75, is the owner of the Crombie clothing brand.

Richard Harrington Con MP Watford was trumpeting about Gove’s visit to Watford recently.  Mind Richard is good at trumpeting but not so good on delivery.  OOPS just remembered it’s time for Harrington Minor’s next lesson.  Today Harrington we will be learning

Purcell: Fly, bold rebellion; Sound the trumpet, beat the drum;

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