UK Column Covering NLP and Carrying A Health Warning

Common Purpose hiding now

Common Purpose gone into hiding?

NLP Warning

NLP and Links to CIA and Mossad and Murders involved.Common Purpose ‘on the run’ shutting offices but popping up in disguise elsewhere.  Get the list of perps up.

Common Purple and Green Purpose has gone into hiding reports UK Column.  They are shutting down offices but popping up elsewhere, like pop-up shops, with some ‘re-branding’. Hmmm.   Well put up the ‘perp’ list then.

Telegraph also investigating Cameron’s Big Society and its links to Saul Alinsky in 2010 –

BBC looking at non-medically qualified practitioners in Wales ‘messing up ‘ the heads of Military Vets.

UK Column – ‘Children’s minds when in the 0 to 4 group also being interfered with.  Systematic child abuse and paedo activity.’  MumsNet looking into the unregulated use of NLP on children


Archbis OilWellsby.

Also featured was OilWellby’s questionable moral compass particularly with regard to his latest Bankster comments.

UK Column reported that Blair the Psychopath has had to spend some serious money to ‘sparkle up his image’ as a ‘person who can feel others’ pain’.  This generated a couple of vicious comments from the onliners about putting his ***** into a kitchen blender and seeing how he manages with that.

Tony Blair Messiah Complex Still Visible as he Describes ‘Magical’ Good Friday Agreement

McGuinness Paisley BlairBliar admits that 10 years on Iraq is ‘not what it should be’ and people still call him a liar.  Note the Masonic Handshake.

UK Column 25 October 2013

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